Summer 2018 Newsletter

Clinic Location: Lancaster Farm and Home Center
1383 Arcadia Road, Lancaster PA, 17601


Over the past several years, so much has been discovered about the health benefits of meditation. Scientists are studying it and physicians are recommending it for relaxation, stress relief and overall well being. As Reiki practitioners, practicing meditation is a discipline that is necessary for focus, concentration, non judgement, and compassion. We suggest learning meditation to steady and relax your body as well as to calm and still your mind. When your body and mind are working in harmony, time spent in meditation can allow you to move deeper within yourself for self awareness and personal spiritual growth. Meditation is a serious daily practice that requires patience, determination, and commitment. Like a Reiki treatment, meditation is best understood by direct experience. 

There are many different types of meditation such as, transcendental, focused awareness, mindfulness and guided. All have three common components to the meditation practice. 1) A single, relaxed focus of concentration. This can be your breath, a mantra, a word, like “peace” or “relax”, or a visual focus like the flame of a candle. 2) Repetition of the focus, like your breath moving in and out or the chanting/repeating of your chosen mantra or word. 3) Bringing awareness back to your focus when your mind wanders off the point of focus. When this happens, we notice and then without judgement, gently bring the mind back to our single pointed focus. The result, if practiced daily with compassion, is a mind that will find peace and calmness in the midst of our busy, daily activities. Meditation allows us to be fully aware of the thoughts we produce.

We can then make a conscious choice to put the brakes on long enough to take a second look at our thoughts. Many times this is needed to reverse a thought before it wanders and lets an emotion attach to it. Once the thought takes on the energy of emotion it has the capability of spinning out of control, many times, causing us to act from an anxious, fearful, angry, worrisome, critical, state of mind. 

Meditation is a skill that increases with practice. When you add daily meditation to your life everything else falls into place and life becomes calmer, fuller, and more positively productive. There are numerous books, magazines, and websites to explore meditation. If you have an interest in learning more, ask any of our wonderful practitioners for direction and guidance as to how you can establish a daily meditation practice. 


There will be no scheduled Reiki clinic on Thursday, September 20th. Many of the practitioners will be attending a Reiki Meditation Retreat at Pendle Hill in Media, PA. The clinic will resume in October. Thank you for your continued support of our community Reiki clinic.

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