Spring/Summer 2019 Newsletter

 Living in Lancaster County we are blessed to be able to experience the season of spring in its full beauty. Everywhere you look you can sense the signs of reawakening, rebirth and renewal. Observing the workings of nature, there is balance, harmony and the innate desire to express from the inside outward. We can use the wisdom and guidance of the natural world as an opportunity for our own personal rebirth and rejuvenation. 

Now is the time to clear away any mental debris that prevents you from moving forward in expressing your passions and dreams. In this moment, you can set an intention for what it is that you would like to create and bring to life. 

Today you can decide to dig deeply into those painful emotions that you have buried deep inside and allow them to emerge to the surface so they can be released to the light of truth, forgiveness and compassion. 

 Plant the seed for a new understanding of the interconnectedness of all and the wait patiently for the fullness and abundance of your “harvest” to appear. 

 Clinic News – Due to your monetary clinic donations, we have granted two full scholarships to two practitioners to cover the cost of liability insurance for a year. 

Important Reminders - Please refrain from using perfumes, aromatherapy, scented hair products and lotions when coming to the clinic. We recently had an incident where a strong fragrance triggered an asthma attack in one of our practitioners. 

Cancellation and No-Show Policy – We are implementing our Cancellation and No-Show Policy this month. The policy states that if you do not provide notice of cancellation within 24 hours, do not show up for your scheduled appointment time or have a combination of either for two consecutive months, we regret that you will be unable to schedule a future appointment. If you need to cancel your appointment, use your confirmation email to access the scheduling system. 

 Dates for Future Clinics 

August 15, 2019 

September 19, 2019

October 17, 2019